Project Management

Even small jobs need to be professionally organized. It's like creating a map so you don't get lost along the way!

Too often, self-builders make the statement, "How hard can it be? We'll do it ourselves and save lots of money!" Well, that can be true as long as they recieve good advice from the start, outlining the entire project.

A good and affordable solution is to get a professional Project Manager to help you. Roger Mac Arthur of has over 25 years in the building business creating maps for all types of building projects. A single meeting with him can save you many times the cost of the meeting and provide you with specific information to run the project yourself. He calls it his Designer For A Day meeting. And, if you get stuck along the way, give Roger a call and he'll organise a solution quickly and affordably, most often over the phone.

Since he is an Architectural Designer as well as a Master Builder, he is uniquely qualified to help you with a one time consultation. Or your project may require a monthly, weekly or day to day visits, as an example, during the shuttering and cement pouring phase of your project when things must go right the first time... before the cement hardens!

He will work with your building crew, gently making sure that things are put in straight, level, plumb and in the right place, not where the workers find it easiest to place! He is there to work on YOUR BEHALF!

For more information, contact Roger on 087 298 7350 or send him a message on the web site at